Writing That Risks: available now from Red Bridge Press!

Writing That Risks: available now from Red Bridge Press!

Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction

“Each Step a Mountain” (audio recording of poem with original vocal soundscape) in Cicatrix Journal, September, 2018
“Skeletons of the Hôtel St. François” in You Are Here #19, February, 2017
“Line of Flight” in Eleven Eleven #21, September, 2016
The Approaching Chimes” in Devilfish Review #15, October, 2015
“Injectable Tigers” in Before Passing, great weather for MEDIA, August, 2015
Verlan” in riverbabble #27, June, 2015
A Certain Synesthesia” in Necessary Fiction, February, 2015
“Red Comfort Eating” in sPARKLE+bLINK #61, January, 2015
From Dark Ridge” in The Red Line, December, 2014
“Study in Wine and Stone” in Minerva Rising, December, 2014
“And the Other Pretty Girls” in Writing Without Walls, July, 2014 
“Pain Map” and “The High Wind” in The Healing Art of Writing Volume II, University of California Medical Humanities Press, January, 2014
Three Common Ghosts in Monkeybicycle, December, 2013
“Balcony” in Blood and Thunder, November, 2013
“Sorceresses” in Shelflife #15, July, 2012
Carnage, Electric Pink, and Eclipse in The Cafe Irreal, #42, May, 2012
In the Mountains” in The East Bay Monthly, December, 2011
“Labyrinth” in Blood and Thunder, November, 2011
“Exciting Careers With GovCorp!” in ERG: A ‘Zine About Work #1, July, 2011
Slaughterhouse” in sPARKLE & bLINK 2.0, January, 2011
“Before the War” in Ms. Guided ‘Zine #4, November, 2008


Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks, quarterly online, 2013-present (fiction editor)
Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream
Red Bridge PressJuly, 2013 (editor)
Louis Liard Magazine, quarterly, 2003-2008 (founding editor and publisher)


I have read my work at the Beat MuseumHazel Reading SeriesWriting Without WallsQuiet Lightning, Bay Area Generations, Lyrics and Dirges, Rolling Writers, The Bernal Yoga Literary Series, and Underground Verses in San Francisco, and at Les Soirées Louis Liard in Bordeaux, France.

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